Creperie & Pancake Business Profits

This page is all about calculating how much profit you can make using Pancake World Mix and Accessories in your Creperie & Pancake Business:

A) Sweet CREPES using PW Traditional Crepe Mix:

Avg. Selling Price: £3.50

Less VAT: £0.70

Sub Total: £2.80


Crepe Cost: £0.22

Avg Filling Cost: £0.50

Profit per portion: £2.08

Scenarios 1: You are running a cafe/snack bar and make about 15+ crepes/day

Yearly Mix cost (ex delivery): 15 crepes/day, for 7 days, for 50 weeks = 5250 crepes @ 22p/crepe

Total Yearly Mix cost: £1155

Daily profit: 15 x £2.08 = £31.20

Weekly profit = £218.40

Annual profit (based on 50 weeks) = £10.920

Scenarios 2: You are running a dedicated Creperie Outlet and make 50+ crepes/day

Yearly Mix cost (ex delivery): 50 crepes/day, for 7 days, for 50 weeks = 17500 crepes @ 22p/crepe

Total Yearly Mix cost: £3850

Daily profit: 50 x £2.08 = £104.00

Weekly profit: £728.00

Annual profit (based on 50 weeks) = £36.400

Scenarios 3: You are running a crepe stall at events, festivals etc., and make about 200+ crepes/week

Yearly Mix cost (ex delivery): 200 crepes/week, for 50 weeks = 10000 crepes @ 22p/crepe

Total Yearly Mix cost: £2200

Weekly profit: 200 x £2.08 = £416.00

Annual profit (based on 50 weeks) = £20.800 – But you do not have all the overheads related to operating a coffee shop or any other outlet.


NOTE: the above figures were calculated taking into account that you had to pay VAT on your sales. However this depends on a number of criterias, the main one being that your turnover exceeds £80.000 per annum (as of 2014). Any turnover below that will exempt you from being registered, in turn increasing your profitability by 20%.


B) Return on Investment ROI when buying a 2x Gas Griddle Starter Kit for example (seen here)

Right; you have made your decision to go ahead and buy a starter kit from us. Great news! The investment will pay for itself in a very short period of time, as demonstrated below:

896.68 £799.18 ex vat

This Starter Kit is the CHEAPEST on the market (and the only one available!) and offers you the possibility to get your hands on 25kgs of mix for free (Retail value £97.50).

Knowing that you can make at least 18 large crepes (40cm) per kilo, you will be able to yield at least 225 crepes/12.5kg bag. Total free gift: 450 crepes.

As stated above, your average selling price will be about £3.50/crepe.

£3.50 x 450 = £1575.00 of ‘free sales’

Total cost of those crepes (as stated above) = 22p/crepe + 50p avg. filling = 72p/crepe

450 x 72p = £324.00 total cost ex overheads (rent etc.)

Total profit between your investment and the sale of those crepes = £1575.00 – £324.00 = £1251.00 PROFIT

To resume: we are giving you enough mix to PAY FOR YOUR INVESTMENT 1.5  times over!

A SIMPLE ‘No Brainer’ really…