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NEW Professional Training Modules


Like most businesses in the world this year, we’ve had to adapt to new, challenging trading conditions and re-invent ourselves. Also following a huge surge in requests for training during lockdown, we are now offering brand new Training Modules, at least until our regular workshops can resume.

Each Training Module contains our precious knowledge in the form of Training Manuals, followed by a FREE, one-to-one, 60min ZOOM meetings. And, on top of reducing our training prices significantly, we have decided to increase the initial-order training discount from 10% to 15%! 

Note that this new ‘distance-learning’ training method is no less intricate or meaningful. Those modules took us a while to produce and you will gain invaluable THEORITICAL knowledge about your business or the industry in general, some accounting, margin & cost calculations, equipment & supplies, portion control, health & safety or even food hygiene. Nothing was left out, and the addition of our PRACTICAL sections (all different for crepes, waffles, barista, or milkshakes) will make for a very well spent purchase.

DO YOU WANT TO BUY MORE THAN ONE MODULE? Give us a ring on 01446 506 144 and receive a further 30% OFF any additional module as well as another 30min FREE Zoom consultation!!!

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