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Sauce & Spread Bundle (by the case)


We understand your needs and have put some very useful Dessert Sauce or Sauce & Spread Bundles together for you. Look at the full description below to work out what is best for your outlet. This Sauce & Spread Bundle includes:

*Chocolate Bundle (4 x cases)
*Spread Bundle (2 x cases)


Sauce & Spread Bundle (by the case)

Enjoy the quality of the ‘Simply’ Sauce range, Nutella or Biscoff Spread, conveniently put together in a catering ‘Bundle’.

*Chocolate Bundle (4 x cases): 2 x Case of Simply Milk Chocolate Sauce | 1 x Case of Simply White Chocolate Sauce | 1 x Case of Simply Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce

*Spread Bundle (2 x cases): 1 x Case Nutella + 1 x Case Biscoff

Please refer to all items under the SUPPLIES category should you want to read more about each sauce.

Note: we do NOT source products that we wouldn’t approve ourselves. We are caterers too, and have tried, tested & sold nearly everything available & sold on Pancake World. We care about quality and want our dining customers to come back & back again. Like you do.


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Weight 39 kg