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Shall I buy a SINGLE or DOUBLE waffle iron?

In our honest opinion…. you are MUCH, much better off buying 2 separate waffle irons. Why? The 4×6 double Brussel Irons from Krampouz are an absolute pain to move, clean or handle. Plus, if ever something went wrong with a heating element, a thermostat or...

Which Crepe Maker do you recommend?

It all depends on your location, type of business, preferences etc. For this reason, we produced a VERY COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE which will help you make your choice. Have fun reading! It is quite long, but again, very thorough.

How should I set up my crepe station?

Crepe station essentials are usually 2 x electric or gas griddles, a spatula, a greaser with greaser pads, hot water in a small container to wash your stainless steel or wooden spreader, some greasing spray and finally, some crepe cones, to present your pancakes to...

Where is the best place to buy equipment, mix and accessories?

Don’t look any further. We’ve got it all covered. Pancake World started in 2013 from the need to find everything under the same roof. We are CATERERS too, and we spent thousands of pounds either buying the wrong equipment or not receiving any advice at...