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My Crepe Griddle or Waffle Iron doesn’t turn ‘on’!

What if my griddle or iron doesn’t turn ‘on’ at all? Well, this would be related to a ‘power’ issue. First, check the griddle/iron works, by plugging it into another socket. Then check the fuse in the plug. If this doesn’t solve the...

Can I order some spare parts from you?

Yes, you absolutely can, whether you bought the machine from us or not. Email us the specific details of the part you are after (with photographs, if needed) and we’ll come back to you with a quote for it within 48h.

How do I season my griddle?

Using the griddle greaser and pads supplied in your starter kit or available on the website, with a container filled up with veg oil, grease the plate and let it smoke gently, at the high heat of 280C. Repeat this 6-8 times, or until a nice golden shine appears on the...

My Griddle came with a French Plug. Can I cut it?

Yes, however we recommend you do so AFTER 1 year of use, as otherwise it will void the manufacturer’s warranty on the apparel. You can simply use a travel adapter for all 13amp/3000w griddles. However, 16amp ‘Heavy Duty’ griddles require an...