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Shall I buy a SINGLE or DOUBLE waffle iron?

In our honest opinion…. you are MUCH, much better off buying 2 separate waffle irons. Why? The 4×6 double Brussel Irons from Krampouz are an absolute pain to move, clean or handle. Plus, if ever something went wrong with a heating element, a thermostat or...

Which Crepe Maker do you recommend?

It all depends on your location, type of business, preferences etc. For this reason, we produced a VERY COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE which will help you make your choice. Have fun reading! It is quite long, but again, very thorough.

Where can I get your products’ Specification Sheets?

You can now download them from the list below! And if a product is missing, please visit the product page online, and find its full ingredient list. Pancake World – LCM125 Luxury French Crepe Mix Product Specification Pancake World – LCM35 Luxury French Crepe...

My Crepe Griddle or Waffle Iron doesn’t turn ‘on’!

What if my griddle or iron doesn’t turn ‘on’ at all? Well, this would be related to a ‘power’ issue. First, check the griddle/iron works, by plugging it into another socket. Then check the fuse in the plug. If this doesn’t solve the...