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Using the griddle greaser and pads supplied in your starter kit or available on the website, with a container filled up with veg oil, grease the plate and let it smoke gently, at the high heat of 280C. Repeat this 6-8 times, or until a nice golden shine appears on the surface of the griddle. Trick: be VERY patient between layers, i.e: make sure the griddle is nice & dry before applying a new layer. After that, it’s all about constant greasing and cleaning, using both the greaser + pads and the abrasive stone for cleaning at the end of your shift. Please have a look at this video for further instructions.

Alternatively, you can learn the art of making professional crepes & waffles by Booking a Training Course at our Studio in South Wales! You’ll then receive professional advice and guidance from expert crepe & waffle makers. Book early to avoid disappointment!