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The CEBIV4KO is a griddle from Krampouz’s ‘Standard’ range as opposed to the ‘Heavy Duty’ range. The difference being, although very robust and reliable, it is not designed to be left ‘on’ for extended periods of time, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, as you would do with a heavy-duty machine. As a result, this griddle is more likely to suit temporary workers such as market traders, small independents etc., or even small cafes with variable opening hours. The main issue owners encounter with this griddle is that it ‘thermo-cuts’ itself when it is overused. This protects the thermostat, at least until next time…


The griddle just needs ‘resetting’ with the following steps. and the procedure is simple and only takes minutes:

  • Unplug the griddle and turn it upside down.
  • Unscrew the 3 screws which hold the cast iron plate to the chassis/frame.
  • Gently lift the frame up, but not too far (it is still attached via the thermostat metal wire).
  • There is a little black/red or light brown button to press, located on a small metal support. This is used to ‘reset’ the machine. Press on it. You should here a little ‘click’.
  • Put the griddle back together and off you go!

Note that this operation falls outside of the manufacturers’s warranty, and that once it happened once, it is likely to happen again, the thermostat having been ‘weakened’. If it did happen again, we would recommend buying a new thermostat, and those are pretty cheap at £34.95+vat. The installation of a new stat is pretty simple too, and if you call us we’ll be able to take you through it.

What if my griddle doesn’t turn ‘on’ at all?

Well, that’s a totally different issue, as this would be related to ‘power’. First check the griddle works plugging it in another socket. Then check the fuse in the plug. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can try swapping cables with another functional griddle if you have one. it is rare, but we’ve had some cases where power cables (power ‘cords’) have overheated and burnt out. If this doesn’t help either, the thermostat might be kaput. Open up the griddle (remove the 3 screws holding the frame to the cast iron), and try to see if there is a loose connection somewhere. Also, does the thermostat ‘clicks’ normally? or is it all loose?

If none of the above solves the issue, then email us the details of your order and someone will get back in touch with you within 24h with a solution to your problem. This could be sending you a new stat or sending us the machine for us to inspect it. Note that we operate a back-to-base warranty, i.e with the return costs supported by the buyer.