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TEFLON COATED ALUMINIUM PLATES (i.e Neumarker machines): It is normal for Teflon Waffle maker plates to stick after a little while, like a Tefal pan would do at home. We do ask those ‘machines’ to work very hard for us indeed, and the start of those plates sticking is your waffle iron saying ‘look after me!’. 2 solutions are then offered to you: you can either chose to buy a new set of plates from us (cost ranging from £175+vat to £240+vat), or we can get yours ‘recoated’ locally instead, for the charge of £95+vat including collection and delivery. Please email us your collection and delivery details and we’ll raise an appropriate invoice for the job to be carried out. Turnaround is usually 7-8 working days.

CAST IRON PLATES (i.e Krampouz machines): As above, those need a little Love & care from time to time. And although scrubbing them on a daily basis with a wire brush is the best practice around, we recommend you arrange for the plates to be sand-blasted every quarter or so. This costs about £40+vat in any industrial estate, and it will prevent an excessive amount of deposit from building up in the grooves of your plates.