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Bubble Waffle Maker

Bubble-mania is sweeping the nation. Originating in Hong Kong, Bubble Waffles have swiftly become a social-media favourite on the streets of London, with queues around the block for this delicious & colourful takeaway delight.

The craze is now spreading throughout the UK & Europe, and Pancake World can now offer a full range of equipment to add this special offering to your menu.

Bubble Waffles offer a unique & exquisite texture, with endless possibilities of sweet & fruity fillings. They also make an excellent base for plated & savoury options. They can be cooked in just two-minutes using the excellent German-made Bubble Waffle Maker from Neumarker, offering unrivalled durability & reliability compared to cheaper imported machines.

Get involved in the buzz & give your customers, old & new, something truly exciting to chatter about.

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