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Brexit Guidance Notes

Terms & Conditions – February 2021
BEFORE importing to an EU Country:
You must:
1/ Make sure you provide us with your EU VAT number and EORI number at checkout. This is now COMPULSORY.
2/ Understand precisely what the customs’ requirements might be for the products you wish to import. You may have to contact the custom or port or airport authorities to find such information.
We understand that the Irish & Swedish custom authorities are very demanding as far as paperwork is concerned. 
But it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to tell us what you need from us, before we ship the goods out.
3/ Our duty lies with providing the customs authorities in the UK with your EORI number, your VAT number, your contact details, a commercial invoice, and an export declaration containing: 
  • commodity codes
  • meuring codes
  • countries of origin
  • Quantities / Volumes
4/ We will do our very best to provide you with some extra product specs & further information if requested only. However:
5/ It is the responsibility of the IMPORTER to inform their suppliers of all the necessary paperwork required before an export takes place.
The quantity of documentation requested at certain ports of entry is rather ‘abnormal’, and not something that can be sorted out rapidly.
Our own suppliers may need to get in touch with their own suppliers, who may need to get hold of their own suppliers as well.
6/ Different countries ask for different things, and we are painfully finding out that every custom requirement is different,
7/ Please note that delays at the port of entry in importing countries may incur holding charges payable to the port authorities themselves. Those could climb up very rapidly (£100-£250/day),
and those charges become YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as an importer, as our own export obligations would have been met. In the event that we were billed for those custom charges, we would then issue you with a payment link to release the goods.
8/ In the unfortunate event where some goods had to be returned back to us due to the non-payment of custom charges at the port of entry, or some extra delays or unforeseen charges, the importer would 
also be liable for all costs associated with the goods being returned to us.
Please be assured that we remain committed to exporting the goods in the cheapest & quickest efficient way. do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the above terms & conditions before you are ready to place an order.