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What if my griddle or iron doesn’t turn ‘on’ at all?

Well, this would be related to a ‘power’ issue. First, check the griddle/iron works, by plugging it into another socket. Then check the fuse in the plug. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can try swapping the power cable with the one from another functional griddle, if you have one. It is rare, but we have had some cases where power cables (power ‘cords’) overheated, and burnt out. Note that cables may or may not be covered under warranty (the manufacturer has the last word on it). If this doesn’t help either, then the thermo switch might be kaput. Or perhaps the thermostat.

You can also open up the griddle/iron (having unplugged the machine obviously), and try to see if there is any loose connections in there. Also, does the thermostat ‘clicks’ normally when turned ‘on’? or is it all loose?

If none of the above solutions solve the issue, then email us the details of your order and someone will get back in touch with you within 24h with a solution to your problem. This could be sending you a new stat or part, or sending us the machine for us to inspect it. Note that we operate a back-to-base warranty, i.e with return costs supported by the buyer. However, we manage to solve issues WITHOUT HAVING to ship items back & forth in the majority of cases, which is great as those are very fragile & costly items to move.