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Here you go, all listed under one roof for you:

LUXURY FRENCH MIX: 1kg mix, 1.25 to 1.5l of cold water.

GLUTEN FREE LUXURY CREPE MIX: 250g mix, 500ml of cold milk, 2 eggs. Add another egg if too thin, and don’t mix for too long as the mix sort of ‘fragile’.

AUTHENTIC GALETTE MIX: 1kg mix, 1l of cold water, 150ml liquid butter (you can also add a couple of eggs to the above, they’ll be even nicer)

TRADITIONAL WAFFLE MIX: 1kg of mix, 1l of luke-warm water, 150ml of liquid butter.

LUXURY WAFFLE MIX: 1kg of mix, 1l of cold water, no butter.

GLUTEN FREE TRADITIONAL WAFFLE MIX: 400g of mix, 425ml of cold milk, 90ml of liquid butter.